RobloxScreenShot06212013_220849170Hey ya’ll Wassup? :-)
This is roblox! FUNN GAME!

Check me out my username is ab93!♥



Well that’s all for today!

-LPSFan OUT! ♥♥


So today i was…

Welcome to my profile =D

Welcome to my profile =D


As you can see I was drawing today .3. And listening to Nero

Fun life huh? lol!










My dad saved a pony!

This is Mack,
This is Mack, #poormack!

This is Mack,

Don’t worry! He’ll get better, me and my dad will fix him up, and I will post a pic of him fixed!

About HeroBrine. x3

Look closely to the Left cornor O.O

Freaking SCARY!!!!Thats pretty much the WHOLE POST, Wait Hold the phone! Whaa Thats all! Just a picture with some writing! Eh, just read all of the writing on there! c:
Its scary O.O

Or try looking at this video!

If you’re to lazy to read >.> (Heh, Jk)

You can find this picture in the Minecraft Wiki if you look up the words ‘HeroBrine’

LPSFan, Out!

Hey.. Sorry i havn’t been posting Latly.



                                                                           This is a picture I Drew. Her name is Dusk,
Anyways, I’ve been busy with friends, latly because it was spring break for me last week..

But um, I thought I should make a post, So I did!
Now that we got that out of our way, Lets get talkin..

I want you guys to tell me how much you love you’re Littlest Pet Shop!

I’m guessing thats all for today…

Stay tuned!

LPSFan Out!

About MineCraft!





This is minecraft! My user name on there is Velocity100, and my brothers is Zero_Velocity!

Maybe i’ll post some MC videos! well small posts can go far,

Well stay tuned for next time!


How i got my new LPS.

Well it started as a normal day and then my mom got a package,
and then she opened it some and she said “Oh my gosh!”

Then i said “What what!!!” then the rest of the family came into the room, (Office)

Then my mom and dad told me to Open it.
Then i opened it and i said “Im about to die! Omd! (Oh my dog!)”

And this is how it really when,

So my mom was talking to her friend, On the phone. I guess they were talking about LPS (Littlest pet shop).

And my mom did a favor for her, (IDK When..)
and then she said, “You’re getting a big package,”

Well. I’ve better be going!


Whoa Omd

Whoa Omd



My Mom Took AquaMarine to San Diego

explodey movies ftw!

So I gave my Mom AquaMarine for Mothers day and she took her on a trip to a conference in San Diego. These are her pics. I think she had fun.

Meet my pet.

My pet

This is my cat. Her name is Mama-Kitty.

My pet

Well, This is my Second post, & I have some news for you, I am getting videos out soon.
Sorry I haven’t posted anything. :c

Anyways, well I just wanted to post a picture of my cat and let ya’ll know about the videos. Stay tuned.

LPSFan Out!

Hi My First Blog Post!


IMG_2212Welcome to LPSFan.com!

This is Aqua.

Hello my people! Haha Sorry, Hi everyone, Wassup! Anyways heres a few things about me!

1.I Love Littlest Pet Shop!

2.I also love my fans (But not in a awkward way xD)

and 3. I Love to sketch, And draw Anime!

Well one more thing before i have to go!

I have a MineCraft acct and a ROBLOX acct!

User name on roblox is Ab93 Or LPSMCgirl!

~LPSFan Out!~