Today someone asked me.. ‘What are YOU doing?’ And I said “Breathing”.





About MineCraft!





This is minecraft! My user name on there is Velocity100, and my brothers is Zero_Velocity!

Maybe i’ll post some MC videos! well small posts can go far,

Well stay tuned for next time!


How i got my new LPS.

Well it started as a normal day and then my mom got a package,
and then she opened it some and she said “Oh my gosh!”

Then i said “What what!!!” then the rest of the family came into the room, (Office)

Then my mom and dad told me to Open it.
Then i opened it and i said “Im about to die! Omd! (Oh my dog!)”

And this is how it really when,

So my mom was talking to her friend, On the phone. I guess they were talking about LPS (Littlest pet shop).

And my mom did a favor for her, (IDK When..)
and then she said, “You’re getting a big package,”

Well. I’ve better be going!


Whoa Omd

Whoa Omd



Meet my pet.

My pet

This is my cat. Her name is Mama-Kitty.

My pet

Well, This is my Second post, & I have some news for you, I am getting videos out soon.
Sorry I haven’t posted anything. :c

Anyways, well I just wanted to post a picture of my cat and let ya’ll know about the videos. Stay tuned.

LPSFan Out!

Hi My First Blog Post!


IMG_2212Welcome to!

This is Aqua.

Hello my people! Haha Sorry, Hi everyone, Wassup! Anyways heres a few things about me!

1.I Love Littlest Pet Shop!

2.I also love my fans (But not in a awkward way xD)

and 3. I Love to sketch, And draw Anime!

Well one more thing before i have to go!

I have a MineCraft acct and a ROBLOX acct!

User name on roblox is Ab93 Or LPSMCgirl!

~LPSFan Out!~