LPSFan is back!

Hi guys! glad to be here again, so on my youtube channel I almost reached my goal, my goal of 550 subscribers, I’m at 541.

Eeek! I’m super excited!



here’s just a few links of stuff I’m on.


I love you all, stay amazing and fan on!


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Remember me?

Remember me? lol Hi!!!! :D
I’m back! It’s 2014, a new year and most post’s!
Whoo whoo!!

Let’s see, You can find me where I’m most active… is:


http://app.sketchclub.com/user/10012875 and

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClioRTdPhz_ShHT8ULMrFDA/videos !

So check me out there, the sketchclub is where I’m most active though, ((;



Hey everyone!!!! o3o

Sup guy’s! o3o

So sorry about no posts.. >.< this month is REALLLY busy for me Dx


don’t worry more post’s and Videos soon !! :)


ILY all, Stay beautiful, And fan on!


LPSFan Out!
Stay Tuned for more!

Hey guys!

Hai! Question for you! Do you want some fanart? If so! Post in the comments below!
Bai! c:

Hey guys

I drew this yesterday!

Hi! I just wanted to say sorry about no posts :P Anyways, Heres a pic I drew!


I drew this yesterday!

I drew this yesterday!



image image image image

My warrior OC


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Hey everyone!!! Haven’t talked in a while.. >~<


Heres the Suprize! :D


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-LPS Fan Out!

FanArt For AllyLPSTv<3

Hope ya like! :D
Hope ya like! :D

Hope ya like! :D